Thread: Speculation: Lundqvist to be best paid player?
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08-15-2013, 03:54 PM
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Originally Posted by haveandare View Post
My point is that the idea that teams don't win with elite goalies isn't validated by the fact that 6/8 recent winners didn't have elite goalies. It's a correlation/causation thing in my opinion. The real causal link between those teams and their success is players playing above their value. Giving Hank what he deserves/wants isn't going to be the thing that holds this team back. It'll be lack of players playing over their value, or surplus of players playing under their value (Richards being the most obvious). Saving 2 million on Hank or not isn't going to be a huge deal. His value to the team is above even the highest numbers being thrown around. The types of players who play above their value are usually drafted or stolen from a team that has soured on them for silly reasons via trade (like McD). 2 mill in capspace saved from Hank at the risk of losing him isn't going to make a lick of difference IMO.
I see, and sounds reasonable. My post was more in Hank's prospective on what to demand, if 2 million could bring him the cup or not. Most likely not.

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