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08-15-2013, 04:33 PM
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I actually had a pleasant experience the other night playing adult pick up.

I am 40ish and never played anything above adult rec league hockey. I was playing with a new group of guys and I was at the bottom of the talent level, normally I am about mid range and feel just fine out there. There were a few kids that are in their mid 20's and are pretty good. i think some may have played in college and are fast as snot. The rest of the group is in their 40's but are very solid players.

So my team was getting beat up pretty good, not a total domination but we were out played. I noticed a few times when I got a breakaway or a 1-1 the other players would not chase me down or just play loose defense on me. I also was in the boards and had a pretty solid defensive play against one of the kids and after I stole the puck from him he laid back and gave me time to play the puck.

The only bad experience from the night was when one of the older guys took a slap shot front he high slot and one of my teammates was in front of him. The guy took a full slap shot and nailed my player in the chest right below his shoulder. In the locker room the shooter commented "why did he jump in front of me?". I thought it was a reckless shot and it was going to sail over the net by a few feet, pretty stupid to take a shot when someone is vulnerable position.

Kudos to the young whipersnappers.

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