Thread: Speculation: Lundqvist to be best paid player?
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08-15-2013, 06:56 PM
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Originally Posted by pld459666 View Post
But he did get paid. Had there not been a lockout he was set to hold out past the home opener. The Rangers made him the Highest paid player in the league for 3 years after the cup.

They made him a very FAIR offer for an obviously declining player that was equal to what a better player was making in Gretzky.

Messier, in obvious decline, wanted to continue getting paid elite level money when he was no longer an elite level player.

regarding the last statement, Messier staying would NOT have prevented the losing that happened. That was going to happen anyway. The team was old and in decline. Messier didn't do anything for the Canucks, he wouldn't have helped the Rangers either.

As for Hank, you don't look to replace Hank. You look to get a goalie that is solid and you use the 3-5 million in savings to improve other areas.

the most successful teams over the last 20-30 years did not have the goalie as their best and most highest paid players.

Yes there are a few outliers such as Marty, Roy and Hasek, but for each of those guys there are the Howards, Osgoods, MA Fleury's and Wards as well.

Lundqvist at more than 7.5 per is a mistake.
He should've been paid a shade more than Gretzky, as the supreme deserved compliment instead of the insult. To bring the both declining greats together only to give more to the one who DIDN'T win us our Cup...

Who was paid more than Brodeur? Most unfortunately, they're a top 5 team over the last couple decades IMO. They built their D around him. Like we should've done...except we can pay for someone who will net 40+...

Fair statement, but Hanks worth the money because he's a guarantee to have the game those you mentioned showed while they were on hot streaks.

Lundqvist at any less than whatever it takes is a mistake. Let him choose the payroll for his support, really- I'm sure if he's good at EVERY****INGTHING else, he'll have enough brains to know he has leave enough cash to protect his own ass.

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