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01-12-2004, 01:29 PM
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Originally Posted by Frenzy1
These are very valid points that you bring up. I can only counter by saying that though Demitra is making 6.5 mill, Rycroft and Walker both make $425,000.00.

The values trading places would be about $8 Million going to St. Louis from Buffalo and less then 7 Million returning to Buffalo. Basically, Buffalo comes off w/ 1 mill in savings and gets the best player in the deal.

Would either team do the deal? I am not sure and don't have a crystal ball. I am sure the GMs have covered many trade posibilities (that is there job after all.
I don't think that weighing out Rycroft and Walker's contract makes any bit of a difference though...

neither player has any significance to the deals... Buffalo is loaded with forwards as it is, and have more talent on their 3rd and 4th line were Rycroft may not even be a fit.... Walker is another depth dman - which Buffalo is again loaded with - although they are short on quality top4 ones.

dealing Satan for Demitra seems like a latteral move at best for them - and in doing so they pick up salary in Demitra, and a worse contract, while also adding a quality top 6 player in Drury - Rycroft (or Walker) aren't necessary really so not factoring them in.

if Buffalo deals Satan, they're more likely to address one of their needs - which is adding a top 4 dman in the process... a guy like Demitra just doesn't make sense.

I really don't think that Demitra has much trade value at all... value wise, maybe Satan straight up (although again doesn't solve Buffalo's problems)... or in a multiplayer deal for Peca + where both teams take on the same salary...

but with salaries the way they are, and the CBA concerns, I don't see Demitra moving... he's likely worth a lot more to the Blues then they could get on the market for his contract.

I think it might be easier to get Satan for a package around young players... that way Buffalo doesn't pick up a heavy contract.... not sure who the Blues have to move, but maybe a deal around one of their younger dman (Backman perhaps), a young forward with more upside than Rycroft (this will be though one?? not sure who they could pkg - someone like Stillman, if they still had him) and a prospect - depending on the quality of the forward, might have to pkg a top prospect?? ... or a legit top 4 dman and a top prospect??

I don't see a lot of assets though on the Blues that could be attractive, when salary is considered - and cheaper good players, that could fill a couple holes, who are still young, is likely to be much more attractive than a $6.5mill RFA contract (while also giving up Drury, who's likely not tradable from their POV).

biggest need though that I see for them is addressing their defense - especially with Zhitnik on the last year of his deal...

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