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08-15-2013, 10:28 PM
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Vick has looked better, but the bigger question is while he has the athletic skillset to best run Chip Kelly's ideal offense, does he have the ability to run it?

We've yet to see Vick run the fast-paced no-huddle to as successful an extent as Nick Foles has. However, Foles also has two bad TO's in his two games and tonight cost them 3 points with where they were.

I think Vick probably gives the Eagles the best chance to win more games because he can get hot and unless he gets hurt likely just make more plays...but I don't think the question should be about 2013, but beyond. I think that if Nick Foles is more likely to run the offense that Chip Kelly wants to run that it makes more sense to go with him to get your O-line, WR's, and RB's (most of whom will be here next year and you can't say the same for Vick) accustomed to that style going forward.

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