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01-12-2004, 02:40 PM
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Originally Posted by Nash13
I think you nailed it on the head.

Markov (poster), how the post is written, he basically says the DECIDING FACTORS in him choosing Lecavalier is because he is big (which really is a non factor), that he is good (last I checked, so was Koivu and he has put up better numbers), and BECAUSE HE IS FROM QUEBEC. He didn't say that as a local kid he would be great for marketing, he didn't say anything about all the jerseys that would be sold. He simply said because he is from Quebec. By leaving it at such a vague statement, he left himself open to be blasted by posters.

Its not that his opinion is wrong, or doesn't have any merit, it is just he didn't articulate it well which put himself in the position where people are going to call him on it.

He brings up potential and heart, but its his deciding factors (Lecavaliers big, good, and from Quebec) that gets him in trouble.
thanks Nash13 ;it's more clear.But i still don't see why the post deserved the strong comment from S lebeau...

may be i am wrong because i am a french fan , but the fact that Lecavalier is a local french guy is more than a marketing factor.It's also about the sens of belonging...sure you don't trade a worst player for a french one just because his language , but it's an addition to have a good player that is a local.And the fact is that Lecavalier is a good player; he has 4 seasons of 20 goals and +.It 's not a bad for a 23-24 years old guy .

But, once again, i wouldn't like the team to trade Koivu.I would like prefer the team to have both of them , but , i don't think that it 's realistic...

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