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Colborne is on a one way he gets a spot in the NHL or gets waived. Simple as that.

I have an interest in him for a bottom 6 role. I dont think he really uses his size but from the Marlies playoffs i think Eakins trusted him quite a bit the last two runs.

MacT has shown already that Eakins has pull on what MacT will do in player and staff signings/acquisitions. If Eakins really likes this kid we may see him as an Oiler soon.

As far as other guys who are prospects of interest in a C role. Keep looking at the same team and look at their 1st round pick this summer. Gauthier was, to me, the most intriguing player in the draft and they took him at a good spot. He COULD be a homerun. Ive seen him play and love his skill and size. He is still growing and tthe awkwardness of that shows. He will need at least two years of development and patience but i think he has the work ethic and fear of god to live up to some of the projections people have placed on him. If he was chosen more than 5 picks ahead of where he was i would think it a huge gamble but he was picked in the right spot IMHO. He has huge upside but NHL drafts guys so early. It made me immediately think of Colborne... a guy awkward in his size and still growing when drafted. decent skill set. good, receptive hockey mind. decent character. I think guys his size sometimes have an easy time posting pointws in the Q... that is an issue. We will see.

As a side note there was a thread about acquiring Dion and Colborne for Klefbom, N.Schultz and a 1st. I thought the first was a bit much but we spent our 2nd already so i thought it was close value.

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