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08-16-2013, 09:34 AM
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Not going to blame Kreider's lack of success on his line mates. They didn't hurt him, but they were 100% incapable of helping him.

My beef is that you have this player, with his size, speed and skill set that feeds off his line mates, logic woudl dictate that to gett eh most out of this type of player, you put him with guys that are naturally intrested in distributing the puck.

Kreider is not a player that is going to generate offence for himself or those around him, what he can do is finish and playing with guys that have limited vision and ability is not going to help Kreider.

Now, Chris SHOULD have been more engaging physically and more decisive with the puck. Those are things that were within his control last season and while he was not put in position to get the most out of his skill set, he also gave the staff no reason to promote him to those spots.

All of that said, I think he played a timid conservative game so as to limit mistakes to try to remain in the NHL.

I think Torts style of teaching and his reward system of ice time played a factor in Kreider's play. I also believe that Torts refusal to leave lines intact to allow for chemistry hurt the team as well since there was no period of time for guys to get comfortable with each other. It's not a good apporach in a full season, it's worse in a shortened season.

Personally, I think playing Kreider with Boyle is a waste of the kids talents. It's not helping Boyle, it's not helping Kreider and it's not helping the Rangers.

Get him a play making center in Stepan or Brassard and leave him there for 15 games and see what happens.

when ever I draw up my lines combo's I'm always putting him on the top 2 lines. It's not a matter of him being deserving of that spot, rather it's a matter of his size and skill set being more condusive to blending with talented players.

I make the following comparisson.

There are guys out there that may score more points than Callahan, but are not better than Callahan.

I believe that Hagelin is a better player than Kreider, but I believe that when the kid fully feels comfortable in his monster frame, Kreider will be the better point producer.

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