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08-16-2013, 10:11 AM
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Originally Posted by Petes2424 View Post
They have an out though. They can pull the "last regime" argument even though it's really the same upper mgmt. The Avs are a train wreck waiting to happen. Roy is going to be a horrible coach at the NHL level, they have little quality in their organization and they took a player #1 overall who is a C which is the only strength in their organization but they're locked into Duchene, ROR, and Stastny is worth little to nothing cause of his UFA and contract.

So basically they have Four Cs who they can't turn into other assets, Landeskog, a coach who was hired because of his name who's a nutbag to begin with, a manager who is inexperienced and a weak to horrible prospect pool with one D who's NHL caliber to begin with. Passing on Jones was incredibly short sighted. Barrie is legit but you watch how bad Siemens is going to be. The Avs are in for a long, long rebuild here with no end in sight.
I think Mackinnon was the right choice, 3 teams did pass on Jones even though it would have made the most sense for Colorado to draft him.

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