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08-16-2013, 12:03 PM
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Originally Posted by Beef Invictus View Post
Yeah, if it's a more talented guy. We've done this before with Klotz.

How has that gone? Here are some guys still on the board when Klotz was picked: Yannick Weber, Linus Omark, Matt Frattin, Dwight King, Jamie Benn, and those are just the guys who've played with the NHL. That doesn't go into guys who clearly had more potential than Klotz.
We're not talking about Klotz. I don't remember the exact parameters of the Klotz situation (nor did I ever said I did). In this situation we have a bunch of people whining because the Flyers took a guy that they think isn't good (not because they have seen him or the other guys available, but because someone else said so). Flyers thought he was worth a pick. Others didn't. But the Flyers are wrong because you don't like the pick. Their scouts aren't as good as other's scouts (unless you like the pick). Their management isn't as good as the other team's out there that weren't going to pick him (unless you like the pick). You aren't basing it on anything other than someone else told you something different.

I get you don't like the pick, like I said, I don't either. But I am not going to call it a "bad" pick or complain about it because I know very little about him and the other options out there. I know people on here think they know a lot, but I would wager that of the players around Ghoul's selection (and Ghoul himself), very few people have seen or read much about these guys. But because someone who writes for TSN doesn't like it, it's wrong. Flyers don't get any deference. They are wrong because someone else says so.

It's the same situation with Goul. There was better potential talent on the board that was surely much less of a reach than him. The Flyers ignored it so Homer could have his goon. It's said that GMs have a tendency to favor players who mirror themselves, and I think Homer definitely falls into that trap. Yay, great. I'd rather have them trade down and get another pick in a later round than waste a 3rd rounder on a guy like this.

It's another example of questionable asset management. By all accounts, even ****ing Goul's, he would have been around later and might not have been drafted at all. There's a reason the people who are paid money for their knowledge of prospects all had him ranked so low. And believe it or not, Homer CAN make mistakes. This is a situation where he maximized his chances of picking a bust fairly early instead of going with a "safer" pick.

Edit: In short, it's a symptom of a larger problem.
Again, the Flyers say otherwise (they liked him and they had information that at least one other team was going to take him). Answer this question (because no one ever does):

What do you think happened? Do you think the Flyers brass all agreed he wasn't good and would be available later but drafted him anyway? And then they just made up the story about how much they liked him and how they heard other teams were interested?

Again, I understand you don't like the pick, but why do the Flyers scouts and management get no deference? Why are sportswriters given the benefit of the doubt, but the Flyers scouts and management not? Why is a guy you have seen very little of not worth the pick of another guy you have seen very little of? Because Bill Meltzer says so? Because six years ago they made a bad pick in the third round?

Gimme a break. You don't like the pick. Fine. Get over it. Call it bad asset management in three years when he is out of hockey. Don't call it bad asset management two months after the draft.

EDIT: Also, I think someone posted on here or I read somewhere else that the Flyers have the best record of drafting guys (in terms of NHL games played) I think since the original lockout. But again, don't give the most successful drafting team any deference because Craig Button says Ghoul would have been available later.

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