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08-16-2013, 12:04 PM
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Originally Posted by Boom Boom Geoffrion View Post
I don't see how that was Torts's fault.

As far as their styles of play, I don't see what your trying to suggest.

Chasing down pucks and zipping into dirty areas isn't a skill. Kreider has the wheels to zip around the ice. He also has the body-frame to get into those dirty areas, assuming he's willing.

Hagelin just skates his ass off every shift. Offensively and defensively. That's just hustle. Hard work. Kreider's capable of that. Every player is, to a certain degree.
Never said it was the coach's fault. Please don't hurry up and make the assumption that I said it was.
Not every player can chase 'em down and get in there as good as the next guy. Carl is pretty good at it. The lines that Hagelin play on help that style of play I'm suggesting. Like he is the one to do it and such. Kreider sure does have the speed and athleticism to do that. But does he have mentality for it? We don't know. It seems like he is going to be a strong power-forward like player, and IMO he should be put in a role to crash and drive the net and get in front/take shots close in, rather than dump in and go after it like, say, Hagelin would do more because he 's slippery.

The one thing I do think is the coaching's fault is this; Torts and co. seemed to have set the same role for too many of the players and expected almost all of them to play that sort of grind it out game, when some players are not fit for it and on a line would produce and play more effectively when not playing that way. The fact that the players would be scared to engage, or do almost anything, save blocking shots and grinding with a side of jam, was bad.

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