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Originally Posted by Guess What View Post
Rant time.....

Playing a game the other evening out somewhere and there's a girl on our team. She's 17, I'm 18, most everyone else is mid-late 20's and we have a few 18/19's and a 41 y/o on the other team, chirps start real early and stuff. I heard one guy tell the girl to go have the biological thing they do (Dunno how you all want me to put it because I want to be appropriate here) in a shark tank and die. So that kind of bothered me because the guy who said it looked to be around 24 or 25 and acted all cool going back to the bench and junk after saying it. So me, being the stupid ass goes over there and I tell the jackass to knock it off. Next time we're both on our shifts, he said something similar to before again, then the rest of my shiftmates (Me, girl, 33 y/o, and the 2 D men) go after the guy and his buddy a little... turned into some big affair and yeah.

Tldr: I hate people who take chirping to some disrespectful and real messed up levels.
yeah that's some major dbaggery

I pretty much never chirp and when I do it's always in response to a chirp. My favorite was when some clown chirped me bc I semi-fanned on a shot, I then scored like 30 seconds later and I asked him if he liked that one better

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