Thread: Prospect Info: Flyers actual 2013 draft rankings
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08-16-2013, 02:12 PM
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Originally Posted by Snotbubbles View Post
This is the bass ackward thinking the Flyers shouldn't have. When you buy a Powerball ticket, you don't say "I hope I get the Powerball right and get my money back". Go for the homerun. If it doesn't work out, so be it. But if you get that one homerun pick, it could put the franchise ahead years. But to draft a guy who projects to be a 4th line energy guy is head scratching. You can sign those guy as UFAs for league minimum.
I agree that 4th liner ceiling guys should be ignored till maybe the 6th round or so, but I wonder if the Flyers thinking was that they would rather have a guy with a 85% chance of playing in the NHL versus a guy with a 2% chance. I suppose we would be mad no matter what. Too many Peter Placek picks and we would all be saying they are pissing away picks instead of guys who might actually wear orange and black someday. When we can get guys like Hall off of waivers, Powe via undrafted free agency, and Jody Hull and Blair Betts off of tryout contracts, it does beg the question of why waste a 3rd rounder.

I guess they are saying that they have $5 and would rather put it in the bank and get .0002% interest than risk losing all $5 at Powerball.

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