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Originally Posted by Jtown View Post
Do you understand that muscles and tendons have a reciprocal relationship to one another? Agreed

I worked with a hand surgeon during a college internship and never do severed tendons return to previous strength levels a 20 percent reduction in strength will be a safe estimation at this point and the effects that has on flexor strength will be felt tremenously. We are talking about 1 finger flexor in coordinated grip, so I think a 20% reduction (if happens) may be negligible. What might be of bigger concern is a full range of motion of the finger to allow for the complete grip closure

Put it this way a bicepital tendon rupture can be devastaing on the tricep why? well during eccentric loading of the tricep there is no antagonist support and now the tricep is overloaded to the point where it cant work to its same capacity . So now the Tricep can only handle loads that are lighter hence weakening the triceps. Not sure I agree with this train of thought, especially for consolidated 5 digits motion rather than isolated arm movement in your sample
But, again, I wish him a speedy and complete recovery

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