Thread: Prospect Info: Flyers actual 2013 draft rankings
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08-16-2013, 03:19 PM
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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
We're not talking about Klotz. I don't remember the exact parameters of the Klotz situation (nor did I ever said I did). In this situation we have a bunch of people whining because the Flyers took a guy that they think isn't good (not because they have seen him or the other guys available, but because someone else said so). Flyers thought he was worth a pick. Others didn't. But the Flyers are wrong because you don't like the pick. Their scouts aren't as good as other's scouts (unless you like the pick). Their management isn't as good as the other team's out there that weren't going to pick him (unless you like the pick). You aren't basing it on anything other than someone else told you something different.
Well when that someone was Paul Holmgren himself, I think it should recieve a bit of weight. Of all the comparison he could have made, Zac Rinaldo 2.0? That's what the Flyers think of the guy. Why should anyone elses opinion be higher?

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