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Originally Posted by Jtown View Post
So now we are not talking about one finger we are talking about 4 tendons. That's what was reported just from an anatomy perspective the only way i can see 4 tendons suffering any trauma from something like this is if was near the extensor reticulum area which is superior and medial to the styloid process. I believe, Homer confirmed your statement- he reported that the injury is next to the wrist If tendons need to be stapled and overlapped flexion will be more difficult since the antagonist movement will be tight. Well, extensors might be working fine and strong, but if range of motion is not restored due to tendons tightening then it's a problem.

To think this won't have an impact on grip strength is hard to say at this point.In a short run, he will definitely lose it due to prolonged immobility of the finger. However, in a long run, it might it might not. I am more concern with full range of motion to be able to close the grip on the stick I emailed a hand surgeon I know to ask him about the recovery time, that should give us a bit more insight into the severity of the injury. I am very optimistic, however about Roo's recovery, because he will be in good hands
Thank you for a great discussion, I just wish it were not about our star player.

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