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08-17-2013, 01:16 AM
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Originally Posted by Marc08 View Post
I don't understand how the new playoff format works so I'll just say stuff for the hell of it.We don't care about Western Conference standings anymore. It appears that you want to ignore the playoff race and to focus on redundancy.
I've fixed it for you.

For your info and future reference... top 3 teams from each division + top 2 teams in each "conference" make the playoffs. Not sure why you aren't understanding that. Whether you want to call it a conference or not.. it's still a pseudo conference format where top 8 teams in the East and top 8 in the West make the playoffs.

IT STILL DOES MATTER how well the team does in relation to the other teams outside their own division. If they finish outside the top 3 in their division they have to hope for a wildcard spot. If 5 teams in the Central are ahead of the Oilers and the Oilers finish 4th in the Pacific = no playoffs. Not sure what's hard to comprehend about "conference" standings STILL having relevance but by all means go on and make up anything you like... maybe you have it confused with some sort of fantasy leagues you play in.

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