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08-17-2013, 11:24 AM
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Originally Posted by Petes2424 View Post
There's a lot of assumption and avs fan logic there.

Im sure he'd love to go to arbitration (with them) after the signing of Duchene and Landeskog, as well as many other new, high contracts for younger players. Including his own. At this point, he'd probably not only get the $6.5, but through arbitration, he'd get it on a one year deal and he'd walk for nothing soon after he takes a second one year deal the following season, due to being butt hurt by the organization. If you think your scenario is a real option, you better hope he has a terrible season.

Avs fan needs to take a seat in the press box and actually look at their situations from another perspective that doesnt have blind fandom written all over it. I swear you guys come up with these crazy strategies you're going to use on your players and then you sell the bill of goods to everyone else thinking they're just as blind, using the, "you dont watch him like us" angle.
Duchene out produces O'Reilly heavily, I hope the arbitrator looks at Duchene's contract to set O'Reilly's cause if that happens there's no way Ryan can get even close to the 6.5 his QO is as he'd need to be well under Duchene's 6 per and much closer to Landy's 5.57 per extension as Ryan and Landy have similar out put over the past two year despite Ryan being older. I love Ryan but looking around the league at young stars who make 6+, they all out produce him by a good bit and #s are ultimately one of the key things arbitratpr's look at.

Of course this isn't the way I want things to happen, not do I expect it to get that far because I don't expect Ryan to demand the 6.5 his QO would be at if he's offered the long term deal he was looking for last year. But if he does decide to go ugly with it the league mechanism's in place favor the Avs. Personally I think something like 25 over 5 is right around where they'll settle, buys the same 3 years of UFA that they got from Landy and is .5 per bump over what he was looking for last year before feaster happened. And provided Ryan doesn't bomb completely on Duchene's wing I don't think it's unreasonable for him to want to stick around now that we have new management.

Frankly I don't see where I'm making any more assumptions than people who assume Ryan's gunna flip his **** if he doesn't get offered a long term deal at the 6.5 his QO will be at *shrug*

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