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Originally Posted by HockeyBasedNYC View Post
I really think this bridges thing is being blow way out of proportion.

Now of course I dont go to a ton of games and completely understand the frustrations if someone has ST up in some of the last rows there, but the focus is on the playing surface, not the arena. Its one thing to see renderings and another to actually be there. The sight lines are completely different. I would reserve judgement until you actually sit down. It might be a better experience then you think.

Im sure a small percentage of the view will be blocked or hindered, but that adds to the mystique and character of the building. Besides, whatever you are missing on the scoreboard (which is going to look fantastic with an circular top, flush to the ceiling) is going to be on the dozens of flat screens all over the arena, including the ones on the bridges which many fans around the arena won't have the opportunity to have access to at that close of a proximity. It might turn out to be a perk that others STH's wish they had.

If it becomes that much of an issue then those who are upset about it should change their seats or dump them. I know it's easier said than done in some cases (and who am I to really talk) but if shelling out all of that dough isn't worth it then save your money or buy better seats for select games from your fellow members here on HF.
I agree. I go to games to watch the game, not the scoreboard or the fans on the other side of the ice. Secondly, with the tv's they are putting on the bridges, I will probably have a BETTER view of replays (the only reason I need to look at the jumbo-tron) than I would on the center-ice scoreboard.

IF I am wrong, and the bridge really does impact my enjoyment of going to games, then I will either A) keep my tickets and simply sell them all at a nice profit, if I think there is still a profit to be made or B) cancel my tickets and just take an extra road trip. I only kept 7 games this season since my wife is due in mid-september and no idea if it is really going to be feasible to go to too many games. Neither of us have family on Staten Island, so getting a babysitter may not be easy.

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