Thread: Confirmed with Link: Beaulieu pleads guilty to assault charges
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08-17-2013, 01:06 PM
It complels you!
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After the 1991 Gulf War I attended an university, with a highly regarded lacrosse program, at the age of 22. As I was walking my girlfriend to her car, one Saturday night, a group of players had some choice words about her anatomy. Laughingly. I told them to go home.

They pressed the issue for some reason. Told Kim to get in her car and I'd call her tomorrow.

1 ruptured testicle, 1 broken nose, 2 dislocated/broken fingers, broken/cracked ribs (I think 3), and a concussion later they went home. The idiot who put his hands on me, as I was walking by, got it the worst. Forget his name, but I'm sure he remembers mine.

Point is, who knows what happened with Beaulieu that night. He could have been minding his own bussiness.

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