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Originally Posted by Tigervixxen View Post
That's true nobody knows what Stastny is thinking but I'm just a bit doubtful that a professional athelete doesn't want to make a) the most money possible b) in the largest role possible and I don't think the Avs can offer him either let alone both. But if Sakic and Roy can work some sort of financial and lineup wizardry and find a way for it to work with all of these guys then great. I just think UFA is a huge, huge factor here.
Don't hockey players take "hometown discounts" all the time to stay in one place or to actually "Go Home". Denver has been home to Stastny for at least 10 years going back to his college days. Not to mention I believe he lives here in Denver most of the offseason.

I think if Stastny want's to stay (even if it means playing on the 3rd line) and the Avs want to keep him, they will work something out.

That said I think both he and ROR will be gone at some point between now and July 4th 2014. Either via trade or just leaving via UFA. Despite the brave face. I think ROR is gonna want to be a #1 or #2 Centre and face of the franchise and that's not gonna happen here. And even if Staz swallows a pay cut to 5-5.5 mill, that is at least 1-1.5 mill too high for a 3rd line center.

However if pressed I would put the chance of the Avs keeping Stastny slightly higher than keeping ROR.

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