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Originally Posted by cgf View Post
Of course not, but that's a worst case scenario the way Radar deciding that he's suddenly worth 1.5 more per season than he wanted on a long term deal last year just because Feaster threw him an OS that bumped his QO to that. As I said, what I consider far more likely is an extension around 5.5 per for 5 years if O'Reilly's on board with his role on this team going forward, and if he isn't I think he takes a deal around that with whatever team we trade him to at the deadline.

Either way that's something we'll find out this year, like a lot of things with this team. That's why it's an exciting time, there's a lot of good things that could well happen but there's a lot of question marks, so far Roy and Sakic have done a great job running the team so for now they have some benefit of the doubt to make the right decisions the way they have been.

I just don't think there's much chance radar isn't playing with an extension around 25 over 5 next year, whether it's with the avs or somebody else. Him taking his QO with us is thus something I consider very unlikely to happen, but if the team finds itself in that position with the O'Reilly camp being unrealistically obstinent, we have the option of arbitration to prevent it from getting too absurd, although I don't think it ever even gets close to that.
Absolutely. If they don't come to an agreement though a lot of Av fans just seem to think they'll take him to arbitration and reduce him like it's no big deal. It will be a major big deal to O'Reilly.

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