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08-17-2013, 04:58 PM
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Originally Posted by FlowNoMo View Post
What kind of stick? If it was a low end stick that would be your problem not the flex. If it was a highend stick it was most likely a fluke. Like the user above me said, lots of NHLers use really low flexes.
The 70 or 105? Well, I can answer both:

The 70 flex stick was a mid-range Montreal wooden stick that lasted me 11 years before finally cracking.

The 105 flex stick was a Sher-Wood wooden stick I picked up at a pro shop for $50. It seems reasonably good quality other than it breaking on me after only a couple months. The stick I borrowed the rest of the game was a 102 flex composite, I only attempted a couple slap shots with it and got some pretty decent kick into them, but didn't really play around with it otherwise.

I'm bad at wrist shots in general but my slap shot form is getting pretty good, as I can get some real power into them now and noticed a big difference using the 105 over the 70.

For reference I'm 6'1" and weigh 155. I play defenseman so if I have a hard slap shot at the cost of having an ineffective wrist shot I'm okay with that.

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