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Was at McFadden's off Spring Garden back in 2005 after a day game against the Wild. Was hanging at the back bar where it was a little more relaxed (still early in the evening) when this dude comes up next to me to order from the bar. I look to my left and its Donald Brashear. Of course, I did a double take and immediately introduced myself. I shook Brashear's bear claw... err hand and he commented on his fists hurting after he fought Boogard in the game and punched his helmet a couple times.

He turned and introduced me to his friends and I about fell out of my chair. Mike Richards is standing there is his frat boy camouflage and against the wall talking to a couple ladies is Peter Forsberg sipping a Corona. I won't pretend that I hung out with them all night or something because, well, I wasn't what they were there for. Did a couple rounds of jello shots with them until other people started to recognize and swarm them. They left about 20 minutes later.

Other funny stories... met Tood McCulloch in a elevator going to HUP. Never seen a dude squat in an elevator before to fit. Met Freddie Mitchell at Delilahs one night. We actually didn't recognize him right away since it was dark and he was at the table section next to ours.... We only caught on when we went over to complain about all of the "entertainers" bypassing our section and heading straight for his. He was a nice guy at the end of the day. Finally, talked to CWebb about his Bentley when he pulled up to a hotel as we were walking by late one night.

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