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08-18-2013, 10:32 AM
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Ed Hospodar is an old buddy of my dad's (and, briefly, former coach of mine) from back in his playing days, and despite his on ice persona a very nice guy. When I was 12 or 13 years old my younger brother and I went to one of the alumni games he was involved with in Bucks County. I believe they ended up playing a bunch of pizza boys and firefighters, and I distinctly remember Dave Schultz lighting one of them up after a few "friendly" stick taps to the shins.

After the game, Hospodar was one of the first guys out of the locker room and signing autographs. My brother and I managed to get to him pretty early on, and when he saw us he told us to wait a few minutes and that he'd introduce us to the rest of the guys (this particular alumni team was pretty stacked, by the way). After a few more autographs he motions for us to follow him into the locker room. We enter, and are immediately greeted by the sight of a completely naked Dave Schultz. He barked at us to "get the hell out!", which of course we did. Two minutes later, he personally brought my brother and I back into the room and signed jerseys for both of us, all the while telling us to focus on power skating and "leave the goon stuff to chumps like Eddie over here". I didn't fully grasp how cool the moment was until it was all over.

In conclusion, Dave Schultz is a great guy when fully clothed.

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