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08-18-2013, 11:00 AM
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Originally Posted by ArGarBarGar View Post
Again, I think a good chunk of Michigan fans who want to believe that is the case when it isn't generally true.
I was mostly just razzing ya, but the truth is, a rivalry exists. And where there is a rivalry, there is spite and dislike on both sides. Exactly how much there is is obviously impossible to quantify, but it's certainly there. And in the case of UM-MSU, a lot of that angst has manifested itself in an inferiority complex/arrogance stand-off.

Now, as a UM alum who has MSU alum friends, I think the rivalry is of a friendlier nature between people who attended the schools than it is between the fanbases in general (however, there are many more obnoxious Spartan alum out there than UM alum; I've had too many experiences and too many Spartans admit to that to think it is anything but true). I do find it somewhat odd that so many people who haven't attended these schools attach themselves so strongly to them. It's also unfortunate since they are the ones who often harbor the most hate.

That all aside, the FSU logo beating the Winged Wheel is a joke, regardless of who is at fault. The best two logos in the state belong to the Tigers and the Red Wings. Anyone who disagrees with this is wrong and probably a Spartan fan

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