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Originally Posted by MetalheadPenguinsFan View Post
Hey guys,

So I'm looking to buy a DVD set of the complete '72 Summit Series and after looking at a few of the various sets that have been available over the years I am unsure of which one to get.

I know the Hockey Hall Of Fame store has both of these ones:

And I also saw a used copy of this one at a local store here

Which one should I go with??? I will be in Toronto next weekend and I'm leaning towards getting the fancy '72 Complete boxed set (with the cards and the coin) at the HHOF store, unless there is a better edition of the '72 Summit Series on DVD out there now that I'm unaware of? How is that '72 Complete set in terms of audio and video quality anyways??

Help me out folks.
The last one is the one I own and I bought it in 2002 right around the time I bought my first DVD player and transfered over to DVD from the once-infallible VCR. I watched all 8 games over the course of a month. Pregame, etc., everything. Didn't fast forward it for a second. They keep it very authentic. They keep the same parts that got scrambled as the people saw in 1972. You know, the Henderson goal was dangerously close to being seen through scrambled television. The feed from Moscow had its moments. One thing you realize is that even the Clarke slash at the time didn't generate a lot of reaction.

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