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08-18-2013, 04:15 PM
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Can a fan of Sabremetrics explain WAR to me? I have never been a proponent of these advanced stats, admittedly because I don't really understand exactly how they are calculated (I know what they measure, but not how they are measured). Anyway, last year Miguel Cabrera won the triple crown as we all know. I was on baseball reference because I wanted to see if the vote was unanimous to settle a bet (it wasn't, I lost).

I noticed that Mike Trout absolutely killed him in WAR and even Robinson Cano had a higher WAR than Cabrera. Mike Trout I can feasibly see it, he played in fewer games and had higher numbers in a couple pretty major categories (OBP, SB, R, BB). But Robinson Cano didn't match Cabrera in a single category. Cano had more ABs, but had a lower batting average, fewer runs, fewer hits, fewer HR, fewer RBIs, fewer SB, fewer walks, lower slugging percentage, lower OBP, and lower OPS. How does he then wind up with a higher WAR? Is it just that he is a better fielder?

EDIT: Cano's WAR was more than a full win (?) higher than Cabrera's.

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