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Originally Posted by TieClark View Post
Yes... it is. We (maybe not you but this section of the board) had this discussion a few months ago. 3/4 is a standard goalie sharpen for basically every skate sharpening place you'll head to. The reason for this is that most goalies are not technically sound enough to have a skate that sharp in net. If you push across in the butterfly and your other blade touches the ice you'll fly over yourself and potentially break an ankle/leg. That's also assuming everyone plays butterfly... if you don't there's no way you should be using a 3/8 cut.

I'm not saying you can't get them done that sharp, I'm saying for a shop to give you a 3/8 cut out of the box on a new pair of skates is very drastic and would explain every problem the OP is having.
I agree with this. It is drastic if you're talking about goalies as a whole group, rather than special requests.

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