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11-08-2006, 01:51 PM
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I worked in best buy and futureshop home theatre department. Plasma's start above 40 inches . If you are a hockey fan and are going to be watching hockey I recommend a plasma. Plasma's are wa better then lcds for fast moving objects (like a little puck) . Watching a puck fly around the ice on a plasma is alot clearer then on an lcd.

Alot of myths about plasmas out there. They are a superior technology then lcd. They have made tremendous improvements over the last few years. Most plasmas now come with burn in protection screens that eliminate burn in. Or in the case that burn in occurs they will white wash the screen to fix it.

Someone mentioned costco. Yes costco has a good return policy but they don't have the best TV's. They usually carry tv's that are a model or 2 behind and you have to becareful that what you are getting is true HD and not ED.

You can get the top of the line plasma's last years model around 2 grand right now at places like futureshop bestbuy etc. If you buy a plasma and protect it right. You won't have to buy another television for 20 years plus. I would protect it with a surge protector that eliminates noise in the power lines cleaning the power and that provides constant voltage to the tv. Yes you will probably spend another couple hundered bucks on a surge protector but its a small percentage of your total cost and it will increase the life of your television by about 10 years. I doubt if you go to a place like costco anyone would even know this or tell you about this.

difference between 1080I and 1080P I=interlacing P=progressive scan. interlacing the odd number of lines of resolution appear first and then the even numbers do. Progressive scan they all appear at the same time (sharper picture , better colours) Get a 1080p it is the newest technology you are going to have this for a long time so no point in getting something outdated. Consider this, the new blu ray players and hd dvd are designed to play 1080p , if you have a 1080 i tv and a blu ray player then you will only display 1080i.

Now i know you arent getting a blu ray now but wait until a few years when the price comes down and everyone has them. You dont want to not be able to take advantage of it..

Hope this helps.

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