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08-18-2013, 07:14 PM
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Originally Posted by ss53mech View Post
Late entry for yesterday.

Went to a play it again in Raleigh NC and bought enough gear to outfit 8 Marines to play inline hockey. The games aren't real games, and we don't follow all the rules but the guys had a hell of a lot of fun and seem sincerely appreciative of the chance to play (many for the first time).

Big shout out to the folks at play it again who took 15-20% everything I bought to help out with the budget. Without them doing that I may have balked at the price and not gone through with it. I was pretty nervous about spending my own money to outfit other people but with the amount of fun it looked like those guys had it seems like money well spent.
thats awesome man

a big hesitation for me to start was gear price, not everyone is willing to make that jump. you may have just created a bunch of new players

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