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I can't imagine any adult playing with anything duller than 3/4" unless he never t-pushes or slides and relies only on shuffles to move around the crease.
Bingo. 1" and the like are for old school goalies. Anyone using any sort of modern techniques are going to want sharper. 3/8" isn't weird, but it's too much for me. I use 5/8", but get them sharpened frequently.

As for the OP, the problem you have with movement may be because the blades have very little rocker. I started off in old Bauers that had quite a rocker to them, then bought a newer pair of Bauers. The first time I stepped on the rink it felt like my feet were glued to the ice. And I'm a lifelong skater, so it's not like I can't skate in general. It took some moving around until I got comfortable. Now I appreciate the stability and ability to do backside pushes that come with the flatter blade.

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