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08-19-2013, 12:16 AM
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Is this happening when you are getting close to the goal, ready to make a move?

If you know what side they're coming at you on, then it's easier to deal with it. Say you're a right shot and they're coming on your right side, put your left arm out as a shield if possible, and one-hand the puck to the other side. If they're coming on your left side, then you can just hold the puck out to the right side.

If you're in full flight and they're lifting your stick, they must be pretty fast skaters to catch you like that. If the defense has that talent, maybe just skate to the boards to draw him to you, and look for a passing option.

One way I keep my stick on the ice when it needs to be there is to choke up my grip, which gives me more strength and stability, and makes it harder to lift. Obviously you wouldn't be doing that while skating full-speed on a breakaway though, until maybe the last moment.

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