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08-19-2013, 08:23 AM
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Last season 5 on 5 production per 5 on 5 minute.

~425 mins, 8 pts = .0188 pts per minute (*smaller sample size 21 games)

~988 mins, 18 pts = .0182 pts per minute. (47 games)

Del Zotto
~860 mins, 13 pts= .0151 pts per minute. (46 games)

If both McD and Staal are healthy and good, only way I see Del Zotto getting enough ice time to produce points on the levels he has is on the power play. McD and Staal are just better defensively and they put up about the same or more points 5 on 5.

With a healthy team, I think it's possible Staal, McD, maybe even Stralman and Moore end up getting some of the power play time this year that Del Zotto would have last year.

I guess the way I see it, unless Del Zotto really comes out strong and forces his way onto the top power play unit, or another player is injured putting him on the top unit and getting him more 5 on 5 ice time, I'm just not so sure he is going to get the ice time to put up the points he has in the past. There is just more competition for that ice time this year if the D is healthy.

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