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Originally Posted by GordonGecko View Post
Except that it's super bowl week and the average face value of those tickets has got to be over $1500 never mind what they actually pay ($3000+ ??). People are going to be in town with suitcases full of money looking to have a good time
Face on Super Bowl XLVI were 800, 900, 1000. Secondary depends on the teams playing. Unless the Giants or Jets are in, you will be able to get tickets for A LOT less than 3000 if you know how to buy. Most tickets for the Super Bowl are actually comped by the NFL. They give to companies that spend a lot of advertising on the NFL, who in turn give to their employees, vendors, customers. Most regular people would rather just get some cash in their pocket. My cousin's husband went every year from 92 (first D*ll*s-Buffalo game) until around 2004. Only once was he unable to find a ticket for face or under. Giants-Ravens. That year, NFL gave out so many comps, they actually went back to the scalpers to buy them up. Drove prices up that week. I was down there with a friend who knew the VP of NFL Properties. Was the only year he couldn't hook up my friend. SB tickets are the ultimate game of chicken. Once the 2nd championship game is over, a price will be set on stubhub. Then, for the next 2 weeks, the cheapest available will drop by about $5 every half-hour or so until the day of the game. Then, they start to drop fast,get bought up, go up again, then drop again. By half-hour, hour before, you can get for face or less.

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