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Originally Posted by GordonGecko View Post
Mets stopped dumping tickets a couple seasons ago. The speculators are pretty much gone. The Mets swallowed their pride and accepted that they're not going to sell out so now they just try to get the highest price possible from people who buy tickets to actually attend
I have had MANY arguments with Mets ticket reps over the years. Since 98, I think I have had mini-plans about 4 or 5 times. They call me about three or four times a year to try to sell me tickets. It turns into an argument about prices. I had a discussion with one guy in January. Told him the tickets were very over-priced and they should use the pricing model the Pirates use since you will play just as many meaningful games after June 1st as them. Well, I was dead wrong on that, but because the Pirates were much better than I expeceted. He said I was being ridiculous and also said, "This is New York." I let him know that is the problem. Because it is NY, you just expect people to pay. Not going to happen. He then had the nerve to tell me they had hired the person who designed the pricing model for the cardinals and giants, so he knows what he is doing. I then said, 1) those 2 teams have won the last 3 World Series, demand is a bit different and 2) you would have been better off hiring the person who designed the ROSTER for those 2 team. Then more back and forth.

Now, they are offering 42% off for the upcoming series against the Tigers and Phils because the Mets pitchers struck out 42 batters this weekend in San Diego. they also had gimmicks for Wright in the home run derby and harvey in the all-star game. It is just dumb. They are hopelessly out of it, it is too little too late. Should have just offered lower prices since the beginning.

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