Thread: Prospect Info: Kristo has a strong worth ethic
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08-19-2013, 11:29 AM
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CBSsports happened to be showing a NCAA game from last year between Dakota and I believe Michigan Tech or something. First minute I am watching I see ND breaking out the puck by passing it to Kristo who then takes it from his blue line all the way to the opposing face off circle. He stops on a dime at the top of that circle giving himself at least 2 seconds to decide on what to do.

As his teammate is crashing the net, he shoots on short side on net. His teammate who crashed the net barely made it to the front of the goal before it was released and was snipered on that short blocker side by the goalie.

Was pretty sweet to see that and I hope to see many more. I liked a few things from that one play, especially the quickness and his decision making. Honestly the shot was sweet but it was a bad break by the goalie. It looked like his decision to wait for his teammate made the goalie a bit more anxious and caused him to miss the shot.

The announcers went on to say how it was typical of Danny Kristo and how he is one of the best in the NCAA.

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