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Originally Posted by Schenntacular Duo View Post
Phuture Phillies ‏@PhuturePhilz 1h
Maikel Franco thru 200AB's for Reading: .342/.366/.540; 9HR 38RBI; 8% k rate

to have an 8% k rate at any level, you have to have a pretty good pitch recognition
He is supposed to have good bat speed and coordination which allows him to make contact, but AA pitching is not MLB pitching. If he can't recognize pitches his bat speed won't make up for it at the MLB level since he has a long swing. It'll lead to weak contact. I've read a few scouting reports now that have stated he swings the same way for everything.

The concern is that at the major league level if he continues to be as indiscriminate at the plate as he has been it is not going to show in strikeout rate but in a high percent of poor contact. He at times seems to have made up his mind pre-pitch about whether he will swing or not. That is something that he will not be able to get away with in the majors.

His approach, however, is a disaster right now — not only does he struggle to recognize off-speed stuff, especially changeups, but he’s only interested in pitches he can crush, making no adjustments to where the pitch is located or to its type. If you signal that you’re just trying to murder fastballs, you’re not going to see many fastballs in the zone. That approach shows up in his lack of patience, with just one walk in Reading, on June 23, but it will show up soon enough in his batting average, as well.
EDIT: I'm not saying I agree. I just want to see him against MLB pitching so we can find out for sure if he needs to adjust his swing or work on his approach. I get leery of guys developing bad habits in lower levels because one of their abilities is beyond their league so it makes up for their deficiencies.

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