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11-08-2006, 04:24 PM
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Originally Posted by Roen View Post
I was heading out this afternoon to Ogilvy to pick up a suit ( Tailor needed to needle it up ! )

So I'm going upstairs to say hi to a friend that works at Burberry Accessories, and tada ! These 2 Huge white guys ( one with REALLY redish cheeks and a small guy with HUGE friggin lips are chatting it up shopping for suits.

Went over to chat, here is a resume :

- Markov can speak english and Johnson was convincing him out of letting him get some weird very dark green suit.

- Johnson is pretty tall although he talks with a very american accent ... never would've guessed he's a small town ontario boy.

- Markov said Ovechkin is better than Bure

- That he likes Koivu alot,

- He likes my suit !

- Johnson said he hated Sweden although he appreciated playing with Chara and Souray

He didn't seem to be limping much, two great guys !!!
Hey, thanks for sharing. Sounds like a nice encounter and 2 very classy guys!

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