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08-19-2013, 12:47 PM
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Originally Posted by Sheeshta View Post
What? Have I been denying RNH's injury in my sleep?
It sure sounded like it! I don't know why you would project RNH's offence last season based upon an average of his first two seasons. The way that you were talking about him (e.g. "falling off a cliff") seemed to imply that you were blaming things on a sophomore slump rather than injury.

RNH did great 5v5 in his defensive duties, which is remarkable given how much the centres had to carry defensively.

Originally Posted by Fourier View Post
Yakupov's "atrocious defense" was actually not an issue over the last 15-20 games. By that point he was back checking hard. blocking shots, actually seemed to know what he was doing. From March 13th onwards he was +8 despite the team being a disaster for much of that period.

Yakupov is very coachable he'll be fine defensively if he is asked to be.

J. Schultz will also be better I would expect. (N. Schultz too I believe). He had his moments in OKC but on the whole was very good down there. He really seemed to struggle with Krueger's system. But he was far from alone in that regard.
I agree about Yakupov.

I expect both Schultz's to be far better next year as well. I've said this time and again, but Nick Schultz is a player whose defensive acumen is defending off the rush, positional play and stickwork. He's someone who reads the game well and defends technically rather than through athleticism and aggression.

Krueger's system made the defence play so high that they were constantly dealing with pucks dumped into the corners, which made exposed the weaknesses of both Justin and Nick.

Originally Posted by guymez View Post
Nice to see recognition of this on these boards. I was aware of the coverage issues but I didnt pick up the issue with breakouts.

Good post.
To expand on this, the failed breakout that I saw time and again had the wingers try to tip the puck to an onrushing player. These plays require that the wingers are good along the boards and at holding off their check...but our wingers are like Chicago's, not LA's.

(Furthermore their tips, when successful, would go to no man's land because the centres were usually so damn far away.)

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