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08-19-2013, 01:32 PM
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Originally Posted by billybudd View Post
Tyson wasn't "good" at what he did well, which was throw fast bombs in combinations from strange angles. He was great. And Ruddock wasn't good at using his size to smother or otherwise neutralize smaller fighters. Frankly, he was horrible at it (he didn't keep the Great White Hype off of him, like, at all). His thing was to trade hooks. That's not a "good" strategy to use against a guy who throws more punches than you do, faster than you do and blocks your punches while you're not blocking his.
You said very specifically >>>>>

Originally Posted by billybudd View Post
Cus D'Amato and Tyson's subsequent handlers were notorious for cherrypicking opponents with little head movement and no jab as lambs to the slaughter for Tyson. He beat Holmes, but the second time (and all subsequent times) he fought a taller, heavier guy with reasonable (but not crazy) skill and power who jabbed and moved his head, he got wrecked.
I just provided you with an example that refuted that very specific claim. So you try and change the argument into something other than what you claimed. And THAT, Sir, is moving the goalposts.

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