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Originally Posted by OccupySouthBroadSt View Post
I know it's just me but as a hockey fan I find it baffling how a hockey fan can be a baseball fan. The game is soooooo boring/slow and the season so damn long..way worse than preseason hockey on the boredom spectrum in particular despite what Howard Eskin thinks....

I will say that playoff baseball gets my interest a little more but it was only when the Phillies were good. Now the Phillies remind me of when I would try to get into them in the Von Hayes era..ugh!
Bad baseball is impossible to watch. The game is inherently slow, and when your team sucks its just really difficult to watch it and stay glued to it because of the pace of the game. I actually prefer to listen to it on the radio while I'm doing something else. When the Phils were very good though most games were pretty fun to watch. Lots of good offense, and then later on lots of dominant pitching.

Playoff baseball is pure nerve racking awesomeness though.

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