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08-19-2013, 03:20 PM
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Originally Posted by chosen View Post
The Rangers D is fine defensively. Offensively, it is among the worst. This was never more evident than in the Bruins series, the other major problem being the total domination at the 4th line level.

The Rangers are in desperate need of at least one gifted offensive defenseman. MDZ was supposed to be that. So far, no.
Boston had one offensively oriented defenseman during that series, and that was a rookie Krug who produced one point in 10 games after scoring four goals and five points against the Rangers.

The culprit? Coaching. Yes, coaching. I know it's everyone's go-to factor, but I've been on Tortorella for the lack of usage of the blueline's speed since the beginning of the season. He was terrible with the defense offensively. Do you honestly think Boston's blueline is that much more offensively capable than the Rangers? If you do, you're being overly negative.


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