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Originally Posted by Killion View Post
Oh? Yes indeedy. Actually a regular practical joke he'd play on his team mates. They ask him for a Coke or Ice, he'd wander off down the hall in whatever hotel the Leafs were staying at, bring them back the entire machine. Plunk it in front of their door. Good luck getting out of there Boys. Cant remember the exact details but got perturbed with someone one time, for a lark held this player from the window of a hotel by his ankles some floors up from the ground. He was only 5'10" and weighed in at 180lbs, but according to John Ferguson the hardest bodychecker he'd ever encountered; to Jacques Plante the heaviest & hardest shot he'd ever encountered and thats sayin somethin huh? Famous Tim Horton Bear Hug. Like a Boa Constrictor. Squeeze the air right out of guys with height & weight advantages to the point of nearly passing out if they wanted a "go" with him. Pretty hilarious really. Coke bottle thick glasses off the ice. Nicknamed Clark Kent / Superman.
The other stuff I knew about him, never heard the vending machine story though. The player in question that he reportedly dangled out of the window was Dick Duff, so the story goes that I heard.

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