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08-19-2013, 09:16 PM
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Originally Posted by Jonathan. View Post
I was unaware that any of them leaked the names of fellow players to take the heat off of them.
Actually, quite a few of them did.

And besides that, we have no clue what A-Rod did or didn't do, outside of the fact that he clearly took steroids.

That said, with how uncooperative he was during this entire ordeal, I have trouble seeing how he would leak names without a firm deal in place to cut his suspension down.

Good to know you'll believe anything the media throws at us though. It's like that commercial "he's a french model, I met him on the internet."

Especially in this entire saga, who knows what's true that's coming out and what's not.

And if you have read anything from today, you would actualy know that dempster hit him over a PERSONAL feud they had at some charity get together earlier this year. A-Rod apparently snubbed him and after the event dempster said that he was going to plunk a-rod the next time he saw him.

So it had nothing to do with him standing up for other fellow roiders.

Pathetic that in any way shape or form you support players getting beaned though. Says a lot about you as a human being, regardless of the player getting hit.

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