Thread: Speculation: Off-Season 2013 - Part III
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08-19-2013, 11:00 PM
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Off-Season 2013 - Part III

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The Solar Bears flair. Plus I remember a while ago you said on your resume that your name started with an A, so you were placed first in lines at school, evolving you into a leader.
That is ****ing awesome.
Originally Posted by TheDaysOf 04 View Post 30 in 30 with Dan Rosen

Our full 30 in 30 breakdown isn't until Wednesday
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Why I can't read reddit about us:

I hope none of you said that. Decided to look at our 30 teams in 30 days deal.

Also, I feel like I know FP's reddit username.
lol what a pile of garbage.
Originally Posted by Glide5 View Post
So I’ve been thinking about what our line-ups will look like come October, and I keep coming up with the same conclusion: We have way to much (potential) talent. What a great problem to have right? When I look at the CapGeek page, I see the following lineups

Or as I like to call it, ‘the line-up that is so unsurprising that everyone will be surprised when it happens.’

Or the ‘Wait until Malone gets injured and then replace him with someone younger and/or better’ line.

Or the ‘Scary as hell rookie line.’ I (like many of you) think that Drouin will be in the second line pretty quickly if he plays like he is expected to, but at the same time, I kind of think that Cooper may try something crazy and do an all rookies 3rd line early, just to how it works.

The ‘We wont be scoring… but you wont be either’ line. I actually feel like this will be a hell of shut down line for us this year, as long as Labrie keeps improving.

And of course, Pyatt for the extra... I just can’t find a place for him. I guess he could go on the third line without any issue, but I'm sticking with my rookie 3rd line idea haha.

That leaves: Tyrell, Connolly, Panik, and Brown for call ups who would be ready to go immediately… and I really have no idea for our center depth who would be ready to go now that Johnson is assumed up here.

What do you guys think?
Originally Posted by stryfe604 View Post
I think you should pencil in Panik where Malone is. It would be more surprising if Malone stays healthy all season. Also I am very weary of running so many rookies. About 6 rookies will be in the starting line up. Then when Salo and Malone get inevitably injured, calling up 2 more. It makes me wonder, we have so much great youth, lot that are ready for the NHL. But having to put some in such a hard situation right away might be bad for their development.

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