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08-20-2013, 06:19 AM
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Hey guys, back again!

So I decided to relace my skates today because to be honest, I haven't done that since I bought them and I've always had issues of the laces slackening too quickly. It actually really helped....I know that's completely obvious, but I just never got around to it haha!

But I'm realising that my skates are totally made for much wider feet (they're Bauer Impact 100's that I got when I was 13 on the advice of some friends that played hockey at the time), and I just don't fill them out properly, even almost 10 years later at 22. I have to wear thick socks for my ankle to even lock correctly. I think I'm just gonna ditch these skates when I move to NJ and buy ones that fit properly, because it's really impacting the solidity of my skating. I recently got them sharpened to 1/2 and I just can't control my edges enough because my ankle tends to move around in the boot a bit.

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