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Originally Posted by StandingCow View Post
So where is a good place to send a jersey to get altered? Any suggestions?
In my limited experience, I've found that it all depends on what kind of jersey you have- From what I've read, Ruberti's seems to be the best bet as far as the older Edge Jerseys whereas Philly Express does the more recent Flyers customization.

Each team may have their own customizer for any given period of time so you have to be careful with how you approach it.

I recently joined the forum community over at Ice Jerseys and they seem to have a pretty good community who are all well informed on this topic so I would check there as well-- JohnnyOnTheSpot is the resident expert on Flyers jersey customization and is actually helping me get two of the old black Edges done so if that's the direction you're headed it can't hurt to get his opinion.

Hope that helps, I'm new to this as well and have already begun stockpiling random jerseys to get done.

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