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Met Bobby Clarke in the 70s when he made appearances at Cherryford Day Camp (which later became Bobby Clarke's daycamp)...I was probably like 5-6 yrs old. I hung out with his son Wade a bit while there.

Also in the 70s, we had family friends that lived in Cherry Hill, apparently near Dave Schultz...saw him in the neighborhood over the summer a couple of times, he invited us for lunch at his place one time...I don't remember much more than that.

During senior yr in High School I was working at a drug store in Moorestown...I did deliveries, and often delivered to Mark Howe's residence, but hadn't met the guy. One day in the store he strolls in with his young son...I was excited and asked my boss if I could ask him for his autograph. My boss was like "calm down...these people come here because we treat them well and with respect..." or something like I calmed down, went up and introduced myself, told him I was a big fan etc. He was nice as can be...very soft spoken...signed for me and had his young son (I think it was Nolan) try and say hi.

A few yrs ago I saw "Furthur" (the remnants of the Grateful Dead) at the Mann in Pa...during setbreak I was waiting in line for a beer and overheared these guys talking right behind me. One of them was saying somethjing like "yeah, well the Flyers treated me really well..." I did a quick turn to look and didn't really recognize the a moment later I turned around and asked him if he was just talking about the Flyers...and he said yes...I asked if he worked for them or something and he said yeah I played for them...I apologized and asked what his name was...he said "Jim Dowd"...I was like "ohhh, Jimmy Dowd! Wow, (shook his hand) that's right!" I told him I was so used to him being the enemy Devils, but enjoyed his time as a Flyer... he chuckled and said his time with the Flyers was a good experience and how they're a great organization etc. I snapped a pic with him, we were getting close to the counter in line...he kind of positions himself ahead of me and asks what I wanted...I was surprised and said a beer would be great...then he's like what do you want to eat? I said "hot dog"...he bought beers and hot dogs for me and another guy...he then told me to follow him to his seats where he introduced me to his wife...(I think I spit a bit of hotdog I was chewing on her...doh!). Cool dude with good taste in music.

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