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08-20-2013, 01:17 PM
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I meet several players each week where I work....

....but I will never forget seeing Ian Laperriere a day after his final face injury. I'm a chef in a high end food market near Philly, and Lappy shops there with his kids constantly, so on that day he was by himself. I used to play defense myself, many years ago before helmets and protective head gear was worn, so I've sustained 24 concussions throughout my life.
I approached Lappy and looked at the severe bruising along with the stitches and staples holding his eyebrow together, and told him how worried I was when I saw it happen. He smiled and thanked me for my concern. I then told him, "ya know Lappy, I've suffered through 24 concussions myself, so I think it's time to wear a face shield."....his response in perfect rough Lappy accent, " hey, de doctor say it wasn't a concussion, he say it was a contusion!"... I told him, " Lappy, a contusion is often accompanied with a concussion"..... then he said with his usual grin, " hey, it doesn't matter if it was a concussion, it happened in the front of my brain.....I don't use it anyway!"
We both laughed, I shook his hand and wished him all of the best of luck in his recovery. He has since officially retired from playing and is working for the Flyers in player development.
He still stops by to visit me when he and his kids are in the store. He is probably the nicest professional athlete I've ever met!

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